Welcome to British Council New Zealand.

Our small New Zealand office was awarded the NZ Race Relations Office: NZ Diversity Action Programme Supreme Award in 2009 for its People in Your Neighbourhood Project – and was a finalist for the British Council Staff Awards 2012, for its women’s community theatre project in the Solomon Islands funded by the European Union.

Although a small office we aim is to create extraordinary projects to show the best of contemporary UK culture to New Zealanders.

We invite you all to be part of our interesting projects. The UK has much to offer and the British Council is in an excellent position with its history in cultural relations. We are ready to make a real difference through our cultural work.

Use this site to find out what we can offer, whether you are thinking of partnering with us, joining one of our events or programmes, or learning how we can support you or your organisation. 

Ingrid Leary
Director, British Council New Zealand