Four Images combined in one: a woman stands in front of an artwork in Indonesia; a man dances in Bangldesh; two people take part in a music workshop in Japan; a man performs in Bahasa Isyarat Malaysia sign language.
Hana Madness in Indonesia; Rehearsal for The Tempest: Swimming for Beginners, Photographer: Victor Frankowski; Person takes part in a workshop by Drake Music in Japan; Still from “The Poet is the Poem” – Elaine Foster x Sheena Baharudin, Ana Jonessy and Anthony Chong

Equality, diversity and inclusion are constant themes in the British Council’s work around the world –in arts, society, education, teaching English and offering exams. Our initiatives bring different people together, enriching their experience and leading to more inclusive societies. 

Disability arts have been an important part of the British Council’s global programme. We partner and collaborate with disabled artists, disabled-led companies and inclusive arts organisations from all over the world, creating a legacy of transformation. 

This International Day of Persons with Disabilities we are highlighting some of the collaborations, partnerships and initiatives between the UK and Asia Pacific.  

Celebrating International Day of Persons with Disabilities 

  • 4th UK-China Disability Arts Forum – 3 December 
    Join the forum on 3 December featuring keynote speeches from UK Musician Kris Halpin whose work intersects music, technology and Disability; and Jenny Sealey Artistic Director of Graeae who has pioneered a new theatrical language and aesthetics of artistic access experimenting with bilingual British Sign Language (BSL) and English.  

Learn more about International Day of Persons with Disabilities 

This year, the United Nation’s theme for International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPWD) is: ‘Transformative solutions for inclusive development: the role of innovation in fuelling an accessible and equitable world’. The theme that it is time to act and find joint solutions in building a more sustainable and resilient world for all and for the generations to come