Saturday 01 March 2014
20:30 to 23:59
Wellington CBD

There is no venue, there are no ushers – these two performances are organised and owned by their audiences. 'Subtlemobs' are like invisible flashmobs, so completely integrated with the everyday that only their participants are aware of them. Each 'performer' wears an mp3 player and is given simple instructions to follow (nothing embarrassing or dangerous, we promise!). Immersed in a new reality, they watch as stories unfold around them.

Join hundreds of other festival-goers in this one-off event that is shaped by its audience. See the world with fresh eyes and make new connections to the people and places surrounding you. This is no requiem, this is a celebratory slow dance – a chance to savour the world you live in.

To participate, you'll need to register. To register for this event, follow the link at the bottom of this page.