British Council New Zealand joined the Heritage of Future Past programme on 29-31 March 2021, a three-day online event which highlighted the value of cultural heritage and its contemporary relevance. 

Natasha Beckman, Country Director of British Council New Zealand convened the second part of the ‘Remaking’ session in 31 March with Dr. Antony Hoete, Professor of Architecture (Māori) at the University of Auckland, T’uy’t’tanat-Cease Wyss, interdisciplinary artist based in Canada, and Gina Williams, musician-songwriter in Noongar language of south of West Australia.  

Anthony and Gina both contributed in 2019 in Crossing Points, a collection of essays providing perspectives on the connections between the UK, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.  

About Heritage of Future Past 

Curated by the British Council, it celebrated the work of projects supported by the Cultural Protection Fund as well as an exploration of the wider value of cultural heritage. 

Bringing together an array of international voices we examined different approaches to nurturing cultural heritage in ways which contribute directly to social cohesion and economic sustainability. 

Catch up on the event series in the videos linked below, and add your voice to the conversation using the hashtag #HeritageFuturePast. 

The title “Heritage of Futures Past” is borrowed from our Cultural Heritage for Inclusive Growth programme in Vietnam.

Event programme

The Heritage of Future Past programme was conceived around three themes, exploring a different aspect of the impact and relevance of the UK’s Cultural Protection Fund: Place, Witness and Remaking.

Day 1

This event took place on 29 March 2021. 'Place' is about sense of place and identity, focused on culture as exchange and transmission (a counterpoint to powerful but dangerous simplifications of “authenticity” which seek to exclude and limit or even to suppress). 

The session was followed by a virtual exhibition showcasing work from Cultural Protection Fund projects.

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The Missing Pillar Talks: Heritage and Sustainable Development

This event launched a brand-new series  focusing on culture’s contribution to sustainable development, and how it can address global challenges for a brighter future. This first event takes a look at current thinking and practice, inclusive and holistic approaches, and climate action through a heritage lens. 

The Missing Pillar Talks  were brought to you by the British Council in partnership with the United Kingdom National Commission for UNESCO and the Culture Committee of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG).

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Day 2


This event took place on 30 March 2021. 'Witness' is about hidden histories: bearing witness to the past, heritage represents a challenge to neglect, forgetting and destruction although heritage itself can also be distorted, manipulated and misrepresented.

The session was followed by a virtual exhibition showcasing work from Cultural Protection Fund projects.

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Research, Policy and Practice: What Works?

With a focus on research, policy and practice, this interactive session asked a simple question – what works?

The session was facilitated by Bob Palmer, an expert consultant in Cultural Heritage and the Arts who has worked on projects with the British Council for over 40 years. The workshop aimed to stimulate debate, generate creative approaches, and identify recommendations for a What Works approach.

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Day 3


This event took place on 31 March 2021. 'Remaking' explores the connection between heritage and contemporary cultural practice: memory and imagination interpreting the challenges of the present and looking to the future.

The session was followed by a virtual exhibition showcasing work from Cultural Protection Fund projects.

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Living Through Cultural Heritage

2pm – 3.15pm (BST)

Join us on a journey to Colombia, Kenya, India, Vietnam and the UK, as different communities and organisations shared with us how they are living through their own cultural heritage. Sit back and immerse yourself in the journey and experiences of contributors.

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Heritage of Future Past Closing Reflections

This event reflects on the three days of stories, dialogue, exploration and exchange. It offers a creative look at the key moments, highlights and insights from the programme and summarises the opportunities to continue the conversations.

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