Photography by Dan Shipp (Fiji)

Date and venues:

  • 12 to 26 March 2021 – Auckland Central City Library / Tāmaki Pātaka Kōrero  
  • May 2021 – British Consulate General Auckland / British Council Reception  


In January this year, we asked people from across the Pacific to document the everyday impacts of climate change in the region.  

These 60 photographs are the winning entries from the UK’s Pacific Climate Photography Competition, which received more than 300 submissions under the categories of Marine, Land, People, Youth (under 21) and Junior (ages 12 and under). 

Through this exhibition, we aim to showcase the talent of Pacific photographers and shine a light on the real-life impact climate change has on communities across the region.  

It comes at a turning point for the world. This year the UK is co-hosting COP26, the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow. Here, Pacific Island nations and the rest of the world will come together to agree urgent action and protect our planet for future generations.