Stages of Change in performance ©

Faanati Mamea

"It's going to be a real honour to go and be a part of it, and just close the project in a sense, well, allow it to move on. The key of course is always sustainability, wanting to make sure that the women are able to continue and they're creating a vehicle for themselves." Ms Nawalowalo

This week covers a number activities that pull together all the outcomes of the Stages of Change project. 

"Voices of Violence" book was launched on Tuesday and is a collection of first-hand stories of survivors of violence published in Pidgin and English.

There was also a release of a documentary, which has been shot over the last two years and follows the women's journey from initiation as actors to being part of a fully-fledged theatre group.

In a addition a toolkit for non-government organisations was released released, to assist them using theatre to be able to raise awareness for their work.

The project is supported by the European Union, the British Council and British High Commission Office in Honiara.

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